Thursday, May 1, 2008


Born Ruel Moncrieffe in the city of Montego Bay located on the North Western side of Jamaica, supporting reggae vocalist Clive is going places. Clive who has being in the business of music for over 8 years represents one half of reggae recording artiste Etana's back up performance singers. Clive who started out as a singer performing for tourist at all inclusive resorts like the Half Moon Hotel, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Sandal's Super Clubs, Couples Ochi Rios and The Sunset Beach Resort increase his visibility in 2007 when he landed a gig alongside " " performing with Etana in Ghana on a Tour of Africa.
After that success Clive was offered the opportunity to continue his work with the rising young singer. Since then the he's been on stage at the 2007 christmas event I SCREAM, Rebel Salute 2008 and the Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival to name a few.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Photo of Minister Olivia "Babsy" Grange speaking at the official launch

"A woman is a blessing to the earth and should be treated as such" -

In commemorating International Women's Day realized around the world on March 8th each year the Ministry of Information, Youth, Culture & Sports with responsibility for Women's Affairs and Gender Issues in collaboration with the Bureau of Women's Affairs invites all Jamaicans to support the April 13th staging of the Women's Day Mediathon set to unfold at CPTC 37 Arnold Road Kingston.

A project of the Sister To Sister Committee which was formed out of several meetings between ministry representatives and other interested parties in the entertainment industry the Mediathon will feature a fully dynamic and complete cultural showcase of both Music and Dance with special emphasis on female artists in Dancehall & Reggae.

Currently fine tuning the logistics of the program veteran event organizer Ronnie Burke and Production / Promotions experts Solid Agency have already confirmed a host of talented female vocalists to perform, these include Marcia Griffiths, Etana, Brick & Lace, Queen Ifrica, Judy Mowatt, Tesanne Chin, Carlene Davis, Nadine Sutherland, Cecile, Stacious, Gem Myers, Sophia Brown, D Angel, Carol Gonzalez, M'Lonie, Cherine Anderson, Cherry Natural, LaCadco Dancers and many more who have signaled an interest in participating.

Officially Launch at the Women's Center Foundation of Jamaica Kingston Office on March 6th the Fund Raiser Project has received the support of a number of private entities such as the RJR Communications Group, Cable & Wireless and Food For The Poor.

The Mediathon will feature a unique Live Radio & Television Broadcast that will commence at 1PM with over 50 volunteers and celebrity guests stationed on site accepting pledges via telephone.

Under the theme "Financing for Gender Equality" an official target of approximately $10 Million has been outlined with all proceeds in aid of the Women's Center Foundation of Jamaica. Located at 42 Trafalgar Road the center is celebrating over 30 years in existence. It has provided counseling, skills training and a continued education for over 35,000 pregnant teenagers over the years many of whom have gone on to become career professionals in society.

Lyrics: Wayne Marshall - Me By Myself

Chiney K Riddim - Stephen McGregor
Big Ship Studio's

That's what I see...
Dem only bad inna company....
But a me by myself...
Me by myself....
Tell dem fi come...
Know sey mi deh yah an mi nah go run.....
All when a me by myself....
Me by myself....

Verse One

Mi say mi bad to the maximum....
Mi nuh need not a friend fi come buss mi ***
Anytime dem ready tell dem fi come....
All when a me one still nah go run....
How mi see it dem bwoy deh a mouth a massy.....
Only bad when dem trod inna clique or posse......
Terrible and mi mad wicked and wassy.....
Hand straight like chassis and mi nah miss fassy..... (yow)

That's what I see...
Dem only bad inna company....
But a me by myself...
Me by myself....
Tell dem fi come...
Know sey mi deh yah an mi nah go run.....
All when a me by myself....
Me by myself....

Verse Two
Me One numero uno....
I have a bull dog name Bruno fi gi unnu....
All when di bwoy dem big like a sumo....
Wrestler the winchester blow dem vest sa....
Yes sa di tek sa ready fi address a
incesta much less child molesta.....
Mi *** hail him tell him come a westa....
Mi rifle a sing like destra yes sa.....

Chorus (x2)


It's been a while since the "Lucky You" singer / songwriter Nanko has dropped another smash hit but look out his soon to be released "Flying Saucer" single promises to be a pleasant surprise as it finds him deejaying.

The song which was recorded recently at Heavy Beat Studio's in Miami Florida is the first of a number of tracks geared towards reintroducing Nanko to Jamaica ahead of a upcoming album project due out later this year. Nanko whose last major hit was the majestic chart topper "Loco Amor" has been notably absent from the music scene but admits he never stopped recording.

Describing the latest single in his own words Nanko also detailed his goals for the rest of the year.
"Well firstly Flying Saucer is a single about the girl’s dem, a very upbeat and hype song Bigging up the sexy ladies. On the track mi change up the style and do a deejay ting which I believe the fans out there going to love, people not use to it but I’ve always been deejaying since I was a youth. As for 2000 and great I want to put in the work and be aggressive in getting some really good songs out, "Speechless" is another Nanko track that's hot and next year mi want to lock down some awards so I'm focused on my music right now".

Nanko who hails from the Winter's Pen community of Spanish Town currently has a hot video in rotation on a number of local cable stations for the collaboration single "Break Free" alongside upcoming DJ Atomic and the singjay G Whizz. Born Patrick Powell Nanko is now managed by Michael Williams who has been streamlining a number of promotional efforts for the singer.

Friday, February 29, 2008


After last weeks Apple I Tunes debut up and coming Female Vocalist Sophia Brown is on a roll as her song "Love You Pure" has made it's way on veteran Radio Personality Richard "Riche B" Burgess Top 20 Dancehall & Reggae Local Charts.

The single which was recorded and released last year October has been working its way back into radio rotation as the level of promotion has been boosted to support the release of her next single "I'm A Rose" produced by Syl Gordon of Cell Block and Music Mecka which is operated by Brown.

Sophia who will be performing at next weeks International Women's Day All Female Mediation told X News about her increased promotion.

"Well at the moment we are planning to do more Radio and TV promotions, we basically want to raise the level of public awareness, people need to know who Sophia Brown is and what she's bringing to the music so our promotion will be focused on that. I also have my new single coming out soon and the video will be complementing its release so that's what's up for Sophia Brown the sophisticated one".

Monday, February 18, 2008


Reggae singer Etana will be making her presence felt this year with the release of her highly anticipated debut album "Etana The Strong One" due out some time during mid spring. The singer who will be commencing the promotional campaign of her new single "I'm Not Afraid" in a few weeks was however pleasantly surprise last week when she got word that well known Music Journalist Ellen Koehlings and Photographer Peter Lilly of Riddim Magazine were in the island and wanted to do a photo shoot to support a pre written article for their next issue.
Etana who was given the choice of location for the shoot decided that she would continue to stick to her Roots and brought the German's on a tour of the August Town community where she grew up as a child.
The photo shoot which got underway about 11 AM say the jazzy singer smiling and posing in-front her old residence with family and friends gathering around to witness the happenings.

After a quick wardrobe change Etana along with her team of Road Manager and Publicist led the visitors down a narrow dirt lane to the banks of a nearby river. Capturing her beauty as she sat on a sea bolder Photographer Peter Lilly gave the strong one more than enough attention, directing her every movement as Koehlings and others watched from a distance with amazement.
The shoot then ran to a third location which was further down the river bed to a beautiful dry cave on the other side of the river bank. Once again it was Etana in all her beauty that stole the spotlight twirling her ankle length yellow skirt.

At the end of the shoot the visitors were treated to a one on one discussion with the "Warrior Love" singer as she detailed the history of her community. Reminiscing on times of war and violence Etana had great hopes that the gang war would one day cease.
"It's silly to see the community fighting against one-another wether it's political violence or gang it don't make any sense, the youth are the ones suffering while the politician uptown living comfortable. I only hope that we as black people will start to see our real purpose and stop the bad-mind and envy".
Riddim Magazine is a German based publication that started in September 2001 with the Judgement Yard ruler Sizzla Kalonji gracing the very first cover. Over the years several top Dancehall & Reggae artists have been featured on the cover including Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Gentleman, Tanya Stephens, Ja Cure and Peter Tosh. The Magazine has so far had 36 issues and is currently published six times a year with a circulation of over 45 000.


After releasing her smash single "Love You Pure" back in 2007 the beautiful and fabulously talented Sophia Brown will this year be making another debut.

Sophia who was recently featured in the Jan / Feb issue of Buzz Magazine was some weeks ago duly informed that online music retailer Apple I Tunes would be using her "Love You Pure" single as the promotional song for "Female Quarterly" a female only compilation CD produced and released by Syl Gordon of Cell Block Music Group.

Sophia who is presently working out of her own Label Music Mecka graced the compilation alongside several other well respected female artists including Queen Ifrica, Cherine Anderson, Pam Hall, Marcia Griffiths and Tanya Stephens. Come Tuesday February 19th there will be a special pre release of the CD on I Tunes with the official release taking place on March 4th.

With an increase in the purchase of music via Online Stores Sophia expressed joy in being awarded the promotional opportunity. "I'm extremely happy that I Tunes has decided to use my single "Love You Pure" to promote the Female Quarterly compilation especially seeing that alot of other great female artists are feature on the CD, so I'm grateful".

Currently working on the singles "Give it Up " with producer Syl Gordon and "You Got the Touch" with Steven Stanley Brown is benchmarking 2008 as the year she makes her presence felt.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


By: Icey Jace
Solid Agency Publicist

It's not often that we see Dancehall and Reggae artists collaborating on a project this perhaps because the two genres have conflicting natures or so we choose to believe. With the video for their single Break Free being officially premiered only a few weeks ago on local cable network HYPE TV it seems the Lucky You singer Nanko, rising DJ Atomic and versatile sing-jay G Whizz has found the winning formula of hit-making.

The three who all bring a dynamic style to the DJ Liquid co-produced track alongside Mo-Money Productions / Fams House Music have never worked together prior to Break Free but shows an undeniable unity throughout the Clint Smith directed music video which has a pretty straight forward concept about overcoming the Bad-mind and devious influences of life. In the video Nanko gets things started on a street side corner belting out his melodic set with a rather confident strut.

"Tell dem say a jah jah make me, so you can hate me, and If you hate me, Its not good for safety, I tell you bravely Jah wont forsake me, we gonna break free" as the scene progresses and comes upfront with a Bad-mind bully creating mischief by toppling over a stall which forces the owner to pull out a bible, the song shows just how humble and unfazed one can be. Never-mind the serious mood of the track the bouncy bebop percussion drums with symphony like flute orchestration does wonders for the synergy who all brought energy to the camera lens.

On the opening verse Atomic locks down and commands the flow from the get go with creative lyrics and metaphoric phrases. Dress like a true DJ he easily pulls the attention on the screen with his iced out jewelry and fitted caps slurring on the finish "dem nuh wah see wi live, wah see wi get hurt, but you nah see the day wi go inna di earth" before driving out a tan colored muscle car.

G Whizz who is said to be recording a track with Portmore Empire DJ Deva Brat added his usual two cents as his star qualities showed just how much prospect he has for the future with a good look dress code, good voice with a rather interesting range and strong lead presence making the video seem unscripted by shacking the camera in a couple shots and even towering a fence.


Let's answer the obvious questions first. Yes that's a real live snake and no she's not modeling it, Keke Bons actual has the reptile as a pet but that talk for another occasion.

With music in mind Keke Bons would probably say she's extremely passionate about the expressive art form despite currently pursuing a Masters Degree at the Nova South Eastern University located in Miami Florida. Born in Jamaica Keke hails from the cool tourist resort town of Ocho Rios and at 4-ft 11-inches is often times misjudged as a sweet soulful singer but truth be told she's quite the opposite. As a youngster Bons spent her childhood days chroming Irie FM Studios with radio personalities Pat Clarke and Darien Henry. Coincidentally studios always surrounded Bons who recall the Kariang Recording Studio which was next door her home. Kariang introduced Keke to real Reggae greats like Garnett Silk whom she would often interact with all the while learning about the culture and growth of Dancehall.

Its not often a music junkie like Bons take the time to out be actively involved in Global HIV / AIDS issues and trends or even is given a commendable post as Jamaica's Youth Ambassador for Positive Living but once again the now aggressive female DJ is full of surprises. Taking her Bachelors Degree at the University of the West Indies Keke did a professional course in music with a concentration in Dancehall/Reggae studies to compliment the raw experience she acquired growing up.

Bons considers Music her life and based on her current myspace hits which has exceed 100,000 she's somewhat getting major visibility with just under 10,000 plays of the tracks Wireless Man, Trying, Defend D Rent and the Dancehall Mixed Love Latino, one of her more potent singles out.

Co-Signed by Solid Agency Booking Agent Richard Roache the veteran PR believes she has the goods to go places.
"Her style is new, its edgy, her writing skills remind me of Tanya Stephens and she has a great voice which compliments her drive to become a great artist"

Look out for the DJ who's currently based in New York.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Making her debut on the main stage of this years Air Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival singer / songwriter Etana has yet again proved why she's being hailed as one of the best young female vocalist in Reggae. Etana who last year dominated Radio and Television charts with her "Cant water down and dilute" single Roots and later followed it up with another mainstream hit Warrior Love was the marvel of the early friday evening performers. Backed by the dynamic C- Sharp Band Etana entered the stage at 6:20 PM just as the sun began to set around the beautifully decorated Aqueducts Rose Hall Venue.Elegantly dressed in a pearl white designer outfit the strong one was a portrait of beauty as she eased into her first song Wrong Address with passionate facial expressions and bodily movements. Giving a bit more than her usual set Etana embraced the audience in what soon became a full staged showcase complete with matching dance choreography for each track that followed.

Digging deep into her catalog of songs slated to be features on her upcoming album Etana used her 20 minute performance time-slot to reintroduce a few of her other compelling singles like Money and Dont Forget while the other crowd favorites Warrior Love and the spiritual anthem Roots earned her a warm applauds from the fairly responsive crowd.

After her performance it was meet and greet time for the soulful singer who made it a point of her duty to network with several of the main sponsor - from Cable & Wireless representatives Mark Bronwin and Robert Gerrity to the esteemed Mrs. Michele Rollins of Rose Hall Development Etana was in high spirits and it showed. Media interviews with Hype TV, CVM TV, Positive Tourism Negril, Linkup Radio (Jamrock Magazine) and Power WPWX 92.3 FM out of Chicago were also on the agenda of the budding songstress who along with her VP Records PR Agent and Solid Agency Management Team toured a number of booths in the venue signing autographs and giving out promotional items along the way.It was only last year that Etana made her debut at the Festival performing in a small tent at the back of the venue. A sure sign of progress this years showing was a commendable achievement that will no doubt bring her international success.